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3CayG Butter Sampler AROUND THE WORLD


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Experience 3CayG Natural Butters as a set of 6 butters in 1.5oz Round Bar Sizes, the set contains a sample of each butter Below:

FEATURING BUTTERS FROM: BRAZIL, GHANA, AND INDIA! Each Butter has a unique set of benefits that can be used on skin and hair. The butters can be used alone or remelted and mixed to any combination desired. The bar can be popped directly out of its container and used as a lotion bar. 

3CayG Skin Recommendations:

Cocoa Butter-Excellent Moisturizer and smells like chocolate
Mango Butter-Skin conditioning and Softening Butter
Sal Butter-The natural Chlorophyll Benefit is Amazing
Ucuuba Butter- The moisture barrier is incredible, use the bar and rub on or melt a little goes a long way.
3CayG Hair Recommendations: Kokum Butter (Best Melted when using for Hair)
MuruMuru Butter (Hydrating coconut oil alternative that will not dry hair
The Best Mix Combinations:
Cocoa Butter Unrefined Ghana
Mango Butter Refined  India
MuruMuru Butter Unrefined Brazil
Kokum Butter Unrefined India
Sal Butter Unrefined India
Ucuuba Butter-Unrefined Brazil

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