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Ucuuba Butter



Introducing 3CayG's Ucuuba Butter - The Perfect Addition to Your Cosmetics Collection!

Experience the natural goodness of Ucuuba butter, an earthy and spicy addition to your cosmetic routine. With its beautiful honey hue and warm, comforting aroma, Ucuuba instantly brings to mind the cozy feeling of fall and the holidays. Perfect for adding a touch of nourishing hydration to your skin, hair, and even your soapmaking recipes, Ucuuba is a versatile and essential ingredient for any cosmetic kit.

With its high percentage of Myristic Acid (nearly 70%), Ucuuba is the ideal ingredient for cleansing products such as soaps, wash-off creams, hair conditioners, and shaving products. It has similar behavior to beeswax and can also be used as an emulsifying agent, making it a great choice for creating stable and nourishing cosmetic formulas.

Discover the benefits of Ucuuba butter today! Contact info@3CayG.com for more information and to place an order.