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Pistachio Nut Oil


8 reviews


Pistachio Nut Oil (Pistacia vera L.)




Sourced from USA


Great oil for massage, aromatherapy, skin care products, and an excellent natural moisturizer. Pistachio nut oil can also be used alone as a daily moisturizer if desired.


Pistachio oil is high in Vitamin E, containing 19mg/100g. It contains 12.7% saturated fats, 53.8% monounsaturated fats, 32% linoleic acid, and 0.8% omega-3 fatty acid. It happens to be naturally infused with demulcent properties which tend to have highly hydrating and smoothening effects on the skin. 


Pistachio Nut Oil Profile:

Saponification 190

Palmitic 8.24

Palmitoleic 1.01

Stearic 2.9

Oleic 53

Linoleic 32

Linolenic .57

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