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Kpangnan Butter Unrefined


10 reviews


Unrefined Kpangnan Butter


Wild harvested

Kpangnan Butter has a woody earthy scent (Fresh Batches may have a roasted/nutty smell that will mellow down after time to its true scent)

The color of Kpangnan butter is yellow/powder yellow.

Kpangnan Butter is a rare butter that ranks in a league of its own. The butter is extracted from the seeds of the Pentadesma butyracea tree found deep in the tropics of West Africa. The tree itself is a rare find which makes this hard to find butter one of a kind. The butter is pure, uncut, and 100% organic. It is processed similar to shea butter but with a fewer processing steps. The butter has a dry like texture, it is not greasy but rubs on the skin like silk. 

Butter Highlights:

Palmitic acid 3% Stearic acid 47% Oleic acid 47% Linoleic acid 1% Arachidic acid .02% Saponification value, 192.5 mg KOH/g of oil


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