Kokum Butter Unrefined

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Kokum Butter 


Origin: India

Produced from the seeds of the Kokum tree's (Garcinia Indica). 

Faint Scent to No Scent

Kokum Butter is naturally a brittle butter that kind of falls apart when you cut it. The butter can be an awesome emulsifier/thickener in formulations. The fatty acid and triglyceride composition is similar to that of cocoa butter. Traditionally, the seed oil is said to be used in the preparation of liniments, ointments, and suppositories. The butter is best used as an ingredient for easier application.

Unrefined Profile:


Free fatty acids as Oleic (FFA)  0.06 % 
Iodine Value (IV) 39.58 
Unsaponifiable 0.66 % 
Slip melting point (SMP) 32.8 °C 

Fatty Acid Composition (FAC)


Palmitic C16: 08.6 %

Stearic C18: 44.9 %

Oleic C181:  40.0 %
Linoleic        03.1 %
Arachidic C2: 02.8