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Mango Butter

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Naturally Refined Mango Butter (Mangifera indica L.)

Sourced from India

Derived and wild harvested from the Jungles in India. Mango butter is an exotic skin softening and soothing moisturizer that is great alone or as an ingredient in hair and skincare products. The texture is creamy, rich, and emollient that melts on contact with the skin. The butter has little to no scent and is highly effective in nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

Best suited for use in body care products, such as body butters, creams, balms, hair conditioners, and salves.

Melting Point 86F

Fatty Acids:
Palmitic C16 6.8
Stearic C18:0 42.6
Oleic C18:1 43.3
Linoleic C18:2 2.9
Linolenic C18:3 0



47 Reviews

  • 5
    Mango Butter

    Posted by Aisha on Apr 23rd 2019

    The absolute best butters out here is all I have to say.

  • 5
    Mango Butter

    Posted by Naturally U Body & Hair on Mar 16th 2019

    This mango butter is so soft, melts great without heat, it also makes my essential oils smell even more amazing in my body butters.

  • 5
    I have been ordering the Mango Butter for the past year it is wonderful it adds richness to my whipped Shea butter love it

    Posted by Kynita on Mar 11th 2019

    Love it

  • 5
    Mango Butter

    Posted by Nikkie Morris on Mar 7th 2019

    I love this butter it's real hard but smooth to the touch, it's great in my body butter.

  • 4
    Pretty good

    Posted by Claire on Feb 20th 2019

    To start off: I would have put five stars but when I was first thinking about buying I only saw five stars and didn’t really trust it, it seemed too good to be true, so I put four to catch your attention

    (This will include my thoughts on texture, price, and delivery)

    Texture: decent, took a few minutes to soften it up and get lumps out, but wasn’t much work. It melts on your skin but you need to be patient, it’s obvious not lotion, so it isn’t melty and stuff in a second but it doesn’t take longer than a minute. It works great as a moisturizer for me!

    Price: honestly the the best price for the amount, I spent what felt like hours looking for a decently rated cheap mango butter and this is the best one I found, and that includes raw skin co

    Delivery: it took four days for my package to deliver, and it was kept in really good condition (hadn’t been overheated from the looks of it, which happened when I got mango butter from another brand)

    My overall experience:
    A great purchase I will get buy from here again, but due to the size that won’t be for a very long time :), it’s a smart purchase and I recommend it, and cmon it’s only $9 if you don’t like it it’s not that much of a loss

  • 5
    Mango Butter

    Posted by Sandra Gertz on Jan 18th 2019

    This mango butter is so luxurious and creamy! We use it in our whipped body butters that our customers go crazy for! Thank you, thank you for having this wonderful butter!

  • 5
    Mango butter

    Posted by Stephanie on Dec 11th 2018

    I recently purchased the mango butter as a main ingredient to make a whipped butter for wintertime skin. My entire family uses it daily. It's a high moisture rich butter and will not disappoint.

  • 5
    Deliciously smooth and creamy mango butter

    Posted by Yum yum butter on Nov 16th 2018

    I love the texture and consistency of this product. It lends an incredible creaminess to creations, has no scent, has a great price, and is literally at my door faster than amazon prime. I've ordered pretty much all the butters from 3CayG snd love them all!