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Unrefined Shea Butter Yellow


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Raw African Unrefined and Handcrafted Shea Butter 

 3CAYG'S Yellow Shea butter is colored with the highly inflammatory and medicinal borotutu root (Pictured above). Ivory to light yellow is the natural color to shea butter but somehow yellow shea butter has become a popular choice for many US buyers. So much so, that many believe that this vibrant yellow coloring is the natural color of pure shea butter. There are a few ways to get this color, dyes, turmeric, borututu, red palm oil, etc. We choose to keep the coloring as natural as possible and borututu root is the traditional and most natural coloring agent for yellow shea butter. During production, the root is grounded with the shea nuts to give it its vibrant yellow coloring. The root carries its own set of beneficial properties and makes a great compliment to the effectiveness of the shea butter. 

The scent of unrefined yellow shea butter is a roasted nutty scent at the peak of freshness. The scent naturally changes on shea butter as it ages. 

Yellow shea butter is a vibrant yellow coloring due to the addition of borututu root.

3CayG's shea butter is produced in Benin exclusively by 3CayG Benin.

*Bulk Quantities and ton pricing also available*

Email info@3CayG.com for bulk shea butter.

3CayG has partnered with an admirable and resilient women owned Shea butter co-op, located in a small village of Benin. It has been a long extensive search to source from an organization that is committed to fair trade and empowering women. We have finally connected with these queens, and we could not be prouder. Follow the journey and help contribute to the solution. By purchasing your Shea butter from 3CayG you can rest assured that you are contributing to building a community and empowering women thru your commitment to love and beauty.  


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