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Refined Shea Butter White


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 Refined White Shea Butter

Shea Nut Origins(Benin, Ghana)

Refined Shea butter is Unrefined Shea Butter that has gone thru a refining method to remove its color and strong nutty scent. The refining of the butter results in a oil that is more flexible with scenting and coloring when used for soap making and other beauty products. 

 Analysis: Myristic .1 Palmitic 7.4 Stearic 39.4 Oleic 44.5 Linolenic .1 Slip Melting Point 34.6C Unsaponifiable .75%

BULK pricing from 500LBS up to 40,000 LBS also Available Email 3caygsales@gmail.com for Quotes 


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