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3CayG Wholesale Shea Butter 50ct case 8oz



Buy More and Save with 3CayG's wholesale shea butter options.

As Low as $2.00/unit   ***Great for Resell***

3CayG can also have these packaged in your containers, there is an additional cost for different containers dependent on your choice. 

3CayG's raw unrefined shea butter is lab tested and imported using optimal transport conditions to ensure freshness and quality. 3CayG's shea butter is only extracted from nuts of the African shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa) in the current year harvest. Ivory shea butter is the traditional and original African Shea Butter. Shea butter can be used alone or in the manufacturing of whipped body butters, hair care products and skin care products. 

Unrefined Shea Butter has a roasted nutty scent at its freshest peak. The smell of unrefined shea butter changes as it ages. 

The color of Ivory Shea Butter can vary between ivory and pale yellow.

3CayG's shea butter is exclusively produced in Benin by 3CayG Benin.

Bulk shea butter is also available in larger increments up to 40,000lb+ container quantities.

Email info@3CayG.com for a quote.

 YELLOW and WHITE Refined shea butter is also available at 3CayG.

3CayG has partnered with an admirable and resilient community located in the beautiful country of Benin. We have finally connected with these queens, and we could not be prouder. Follow the journey on Instagram or Facebook @3CAYG and @3CayGBenin to see how your butter is made and help contribute to the solution. By purchasing your Shea butter from 3CayG you can rest assured that you are contributing to building a community and empowering women thru your commitment to love and beauty.  

~It's a beautiful feeling~