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3CayG Refined vs Unrefined Sampler

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Experience 3CayG Natural Butters as a set of 6 butters in 1.5oz Round Bar Sizes, the set contains a sample of each butter Below:

FEATURING BUTTERS FROM: GHANA, BENIN, AND INDIA! Each Butter has a unique set of benefits that can be used on skin and hair. The butters can be used alone or remelted and mixed to any combination desired. The bar can also be popped directly out of its container and used as a lotion bar. 

3CayG Skin Recommendations:

  • Cocoa Butter-Excellent Moisturizer and smells like chocolate
  • Refined Cocoa Butter-Excellent Moisturizer without smell and color, texture is slightly softer then Unrefined version.
  • Shea Buttter Ivory-Deeply Moisturizing, Ivory/Yellow hue, and Nutty aroma.
  • Refined Shea Butter-White in color, no scent and slightly softer texture.
  • Kokum Butter-Moisture barrier, dark tan/light brown color, earthy scent
  • Refined Kokum Butter-White, unscented, and slightly softer texture.

If you struggle with the decision to use refined vs unrefined this is the sampler to invest in for comparison and contrast. There are many reasons to use either refined or unrefined when formulating. Some scents do not combine well with unrefined oils and this sampler will help with the decision-making process.