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Sal Shorea Butter Unrefined


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Sourced From India

Sal(Shorea) Butter


SCENT: Characteristic (Earthy, Leafy type scent)

Obtained from the seed of the Sal (Shorea Robusta) Tree in India. The oil is pressed from the seed to create a butter that is great for soaps, cosmetics, and other skincare products. Its color is dark green but may vary based on growing conditions and batch. Sal butter is extracted via Expeller pressing (cold press), the oil is nearly 50% Stearic acid. This unrefined version of Sal Butter has all of the properties of the butter 100% intact. Due to its uniform triglyceride composition, it has a high oxidation and emulsion stability. This butter is a perfect ingredient for balms and acts as a wonderful skin softening agent. The butter is suitable for soap making after combining with other oils and can also be used in hair conditioners and skin creams. Suggested Use Levels: Lotions 3-5% Balms: 5-100%| Bar Soaps: 3-6%| Conditioners: 2-5%.


SAP 188


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