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African Net Sponges


2 reviews


African Net Sponge, African Bath Sponge, Sapo 

Excellent to use with bar or liquid soaps. This cloth will Stretch up to 4ft. It can be used to clean and exfoliate the back, neck, shoulders, and other hard to reach areas. With daily use, your skin will become noticeably clearer, softer, and smoother. It even works great on the feet/heels. This sponge dries quickly after use and made to last for months. Great for the entire family. 

**WHOLESALE**Bulk- 1 Bundle or 10 Bundles of sponges that comes uncut. Each Bundle can be cut to 3 or more sponges or up to 12+ facial sponges. Perfect for Resell.

Looking for a specific quantity and color for your brand(Email 3CayGsales@gmail.com for custom colors not shown)


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