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The Powdery Texture is a Benefit of Kpangnan Butter

The Powdery Texture is a Benefit of Kpangnan Butter

Look closely at the image and you can see the powerful characteristic of 3CayG's Kpangnan butter. It's a soft but luxurious feel, so what is the luxurious touch of Kpangnan Butter?

The powdery texture of Kpangnan butter can be attributed to its high stearic acid content. Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid that has a unique ability to form stable crystalline structures. In Kpangnan butter, the stearic acid molecules pack tightly together to form small, powdery crystals, which give the butter its distinctive texture. This powdery texture can make Kpangnan butter easier to incorporate into formulations such as lotions and creams, as it melts easily and absorbs quickly into the skin. Additionally, the powdery texture can contribute to the overall smooth and silky feel of products that contain Kpangnan butter.

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