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African Kombo Butter

$8.00 - $60.00
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African Kombo Butter Unrefined

Kombo butter or Kombo oil is produced from the seeds of a tropical tree Pycnanthus angolensis ( African nutmeg)

Origin: Eastern Ghana

Color: Dark Brown/Reddish Hue

Odor: Earthy-Sweet hint


100% natural, cold-pressed

Kombo Butter has a very high Myristoleic acid content. The texture is a bit grainy, but it is okay to use as is or it can be melted and filtered out for a smoother application. Highly Antioxidant butter, truly may be the most stable of all the butters that 3CayG currently carry. This butter has very great potential for many cosmetic uses.

Great for message therapy, Scrubs, Skin Care, and Haircare.


7 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Appofhisi on Mar 18th 2020

    This product is liquid gold

  • 5

    Posted by Yum Yum Butter on Dec 13th 2018

    This is a very interesting butter. The texture is similiar to marfura, creamy, but grainier. It has a very earthy, peculiar wet soil, jungle scent that I'm trying to get past.

  • 4
    kombo butter

    Posted by nikki on Aug 22nd 2018

    It smells like molasses to me but the smell does not linger much. It is not overly moisturizing. About like the effects of olive oil. I have not been able to see how well it works on my skin yet because i have not worn it because of the smell.

  • 5
    Kombo Butter

    Posted by NAM on Jun 29th 2018

    I was ecstatic to see this butter on your site -- I have always ordered this wonderful butter from abroad -- I use in my soaps and skin balms. Wonderful -- Thank you 3CayG!

  • 5

    Posted by angelina on Jun 26th 2018

    I loved this butter it was almost like a suntan when applied to my skin making me a very nice bronze color as far as healing properties still testing it out

  • 5
    Black beauty

    Posted by J on Jun 14th 2018

    This vendor is amazing. The shipping is quick and the packaging is spill proof. Love this butter. It’s super rich though initially gritty, can be easily smoothened out.

  • 5
    Jerniece Saez

    Posted by Jerniece Saez on Jun 13th 2018

    Great product and feels good. Melt to touch and will be used to make some great products.