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3CayG Butter Sampler MOTHERLAND

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Experience 3CayG Natural Butters from the beautiful continent of Africa

The sampler is a set of 6 butters in 1.5oz Round Bar Sizes, contains a sample of each butter Below:

FEATURING BUTTERS FROM: Benin, Ghana, Uganda, and Zimbabwe and can be used on skin and hair.

Cocoa Butter-The well-known naturally chocolaty scented moisturizer. Traditionally and widely used on skin for conditioning and toning.

Kombo Butter- The oil is extracted from the African Nutmeg Seeds, the butter is most known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Kpangnan Butter-Luxurious feeling butter extracted from the fruit found in the tropics of West Africa. It is known for its skin toning, dark spot repair, and softening abilities, it leaves a silky smooth finish on the skin.

Mafura Butter- Also known as Mafura oil, natal mahogany oil, or Trichilia Emetica. The butter is easily spread and known for its hair growth qualities.

Shea Nilotica-Creamy textured shea butter from East Africa, unlike traditional shea butter, this butter contains more olein content that makes it softer in texture.

Yellow Shea Butter-Yellow Shea Butter contains an anti-inflammatory root called borututu. It is the root gives it this shea butter its bright Yellow coloring. 

Each Butter has a unique set of benefits that can be used on skin and hair. The butters can be used alone or remelted and mixed to any combination desired. The bar can be popped directly out of its container and used as a lotion bar. 

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