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6 1oz samples of Amazing Butters from the Amazon Rainforest

Babassu, Bacuri, Cupuacu, Murumuru, Tucuma, and Ucuuba

Experience 3CayG Natural Butters from the beautiful country of Brazil

The sampler is a set of 6 butters in 1.5oz Round Bar Sizes, contains a sample of each butter Below:


Babassu -Similar consistency to coconut oil, Traditionally and widely used on skin for conditioning and toning.

Bacuri Butter-Dark Brown, soft in consistency, and loaded with skin healing abilities.

Cupuacu Butter- Creamy soft consistency that is reminiscent of a soft cocoa butter.

Murumuru Butter-Luxurious feeling and melts on contact, earthy tone but quickly absorbs into skin and can also be used on most hair types.

Tucuma Butter- Melts on Contact, firm but smooth when applying and can carry a strong to mild coffee like scent.

Ucuuba Butter-Firm waxy like texture similar to a beeswax, great for balms and salves.

Each Butter has a unique set of benefits that can be used on skin and hair. The butters can be used alone or remelted and mixed to any combination desired. The bar can be popped directly out of its container and used as a lotion bar. 

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