African Black Soap Benefits

African Black Soap Benefits

Posted by Shatise, 3CayG's Naturalista on Nov 11th 2017


Raw African Black Soap is my go to Soap for deep skin cleansing and to even out my skin tone. 

There are many variations and recipes for Raw African Black Soap on the market. The African secret is in the hands of the maker just as it is for handmade soap makers here in the US. Each producer has their own special touch, but the tradition and its uses remain universal amongst African Soap Makers and the natives that use the soap. Black Soap can be made with many different African oils combined with cocoa pod, plantain skin, palm tree leaves, shea bark, etc. African Black soap is truly and all natural soap, the ash is the lye factor (potassium hydroxide) that is responsible for saponifying the oils. 

The staple ingredient oils used are palm oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. However, other oils can be added such as moringa, neem, cocoa butter, shea olein, and baobab oil amongst others. The combinations are endless and there is no rule what should or should not be used. It's like soap making really in that everyone chooses their own oils-super fatted making the bar harder, softer, conditioning, cleansing, etc.

3CayG Black SoapInteresting Facts: 

Black soap is actually white, like ashes until water is added. (Pictured Left)

3CayG's premium unrefined Shea Butter is the exact  same shea butter used when producing 3CayG's African Black Soap. More on how interestingly that works out in a later Blog post.

Some Key Benefits:

-Deep Cleansing-Detoxing for clogged pores.

-Skin Toning-Even skin color from scars and blemishes

-Acne Control-Cleanses and acts to suppress the production of sebum.

-Reduces Oily Skin-Helps in fighting acne. 

-Anti-Fungal Great for nail fungus, athletes foot, and other strains of skin fungus.

-All Natural Cleanser

Black Soap is best followed up by a deep non pore clogging moisturizer like Shea Butter or if a lighter moisturizer is preferred Baobab Oil or Argan Oil is also a great choice.

Disclaimer: Black Soap can be irritating for some skin types or some may experience a burning sensation due to it's deep cleansing skin penetration.