Three Cay G, LLC is an importer and wholesale distributor of natural and organic oils.  

Our concept started as an individual quest to find skin healing oils that could help soothe a psoriasis like skin condition. The skin condition baffled doctors and the founder turned to natural remedies practiced across the globe to help. During the process we discovered and learned of so many wonderful plant seed oils that have amazing properties, are natural, and superior for the skin, hair, & body. Many of the oils found claimed to be organic and or natural weren't truly authentic. There are many production flaws and deceiving tactics that can hinder the oils true essence. Natural oils are only as good as their source and Three Cay G wants you to have the full experience of quality products.

We continuously strive to site visit and source quality ingredients from producers that use fair trade practices. Three Cay G is also committed to bringing you the flowing wonders and liquid golds of the world. We will be your eyes and ears for fresh authentic products. 

Leave the sourcing ground work to us and you can focus on creating quality products for your consumers.