Unrefined Shea Butter in Pails

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3.00 LBS
5LBS Filtered

Raw African Unrefined Handcrafted Ivory Shea Butter 

Packaged in Reusable Pails for easy storing.

Filtered also available-Filtered in large batches thru a strainer and cloth. This is not a completely refined product and will still have the coloring and scent of the shea butter.

3CayG has partnered with an admirable and resilient women owned Shea butter co-op, located in a small village of Northern Ghana. It has been a long extensive search to source from an organization that is committed to fair trade and empowering women. We have finally connected with these queens and we could not be more proud. Follow the journey and help contribute to the solution. By purchasing your Shea butter from 3CayG you can rest assured that you are contributing to building a community and empowering women thru your commitment to love and beauty.  

~It's a beautiful feeling~

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Educating a Child                   Embracing Tradition             Empowering Women

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  • 5
    Shea Butter

    Posted by D. Donette Pitter on Jan 11th 2018

    Best Shea Butter ever ....the quality of the product, which is top notch.

  • 5
    Unrefined Shea Butter

    Posted by Venus T. on Dec 27th 2017

    Best Shea Butter ever! You will not find anything close to this and your products are hugely different just using this Shea Butter.

  • 5
    Unrefined Shea Butter

    Posted by Venus Thomas on Dec 20th 2017

    This is absolutely the best shea butter I've used. It's consistency is so creamy and does wonders in my products. I also love how open and transparent Shatise is - her professionalism and expertise as helped me since first starting. I don't know what I would have done without her support. I am definitely a repeat customer for sure.

  • 5
    Shea butter

    Posted by Anastasia on Dec 20th 2017

    The best Shea butter ever! Smooth creamy clean!

  • 5
    Great product and more than enough

    Posted by Sevin on Dec 8th 2017

    Wish there were discounts on shipping for frequent customers

  • 5
    Unrefined filtered Shea butter

    Posted by Bee Sincere on Dec 5th 2017

    This Shea butter is smooth and creamy, with a beautiful ivory color and light nutty aroma. It feels amazing on the skin. We had been buying refined Shea butter from another supplier, but were disappointed in the slightly grainy texture of that other stuff. We switched when we saw this superior product at a very similar price. We are so pleased with 3CayG!

  • 5
    Best Yet

    Posted by Opulent Bath Essentials on Nov 14th 2017

    This has been the best Raw Shea Butter I have tried. Smells fresh,soft, creamy, easy to get out the pail, and helped to create a fluffy soft body butter.

  • 5
    3lbs Shea butter

    Posted by Della on Nov 9th 2017

    Received in two days (East coat to West coast). Shea butter exactly as promised....soft & buttery. Appreciated having the expiration date on the label too..11/17-11/19!! Thank you❣

  • 5
    Great product and more than enough

    Posted by Sevin on Nov 8th 2017

    I am very pleased with how the price and the quantity is. Thank you