African Black Soap 5LBS 5-Pack

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5.00 LBS
African Black Soap 5LBS 5-Pack

Includes 5 (1LB Bars)

5 Different Color Variations to Choose from. Same great quality and Recipe!


We offer a variety of consistency and colors for Black Soap. If you have a preference, please list them in the comments of your order or select from options above. 

Handmade in Ghana.

The color in no way affects the quality of ingredients of the soap. The color is varied according to the color of the cocoa pod ash. There are a few differences in each to consider. 3CayG's African Black Soap is made with the same shea butter of the producers we source our shea butter from in Ghana.


Ingredients: Water, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Pod Ash.

Characteristics of each color variation

Saveluga-Light Tan color with no dark spots (Softer bar) Great for making liquid black soap.

Kumasi-Light Tan color with dark spots (Soft/Hard bar)

Tamale-Honey Colored with dark spots (Hard bar)

Accra-Dark Brown with Dark brown and Black Spots (Hard bar)

Sunyani-Black with coffee ground colored spots (Hard bar)